Exercising Post Op- Breast Reduction


I gotta tell ya I have been in a rut!! Trying to get my ass in gear, but any excuse & I run the other way. Sad part I ain’t running!!! I need some serious change in my mojo or my butt is going to be as big as my boobies were ;(

What are you doing to get moving pre/post surgery ??

Somehow I must get my exercise routine down & keep the fork outta my mouth.

On a side note boobies are healing really well. Been using BioOil this week, hope it helps the scars.



Tootles for now,

small boobies

Feeling Good- 40 days post op breast reduction surgery

Hello BBC & SBC

Feeling really good today!! I see many of my newly SBC are having a tough time, I am so sorry for that. All I can offer is tomorrow is another day closer to being healed! Just continue to rest & not overdue it. We all needed this, or need this surgery so just try to remain positive ūüėČ



Praying we all continue to heal & remain positive & excited for the future!!

small boobies

Oh don’t forget email me you TShirt orders, size & address needed.



5 Weeks Post Op & Yeppers C Cup

Yea ladies you heard me C cup, even though I am still swollen!!! So I had an appt with my PS yesterday and he said I am looking good. Totally have permission to do lite workouts (I already started on Sunday actually). Also got permission to use Scar gel & Silicone Sheets. A few spots on my incisions are starting to raise so hoping the gel etc works. That along with Vit E & Cocoa Butter. Thinking I will get the Bio Oil as well and add that into the rotation. PS said I have possible Dog Ears. I had been wondering what that is and now I know. It’s the are between the boobies where sometimes tissue will gather & build up creating a bump on incision. PS said mine were small enough to flatten out on their own, otherwise he will remove.Praying they go away by themselves.

The day before I popped into Victoria Secrets (VS) to get measured, just curious. Well the salesperson said I was a 38C. I kinda felt like she was wrong, so I took it with a grain of salt. Fast forward to a few hours after I saw my PS yesterday and I was shopping with my mom & decided to try bra’s on as they were on sale at local Department Store. BBC & SBC let me tell ya how exciting it was!! Found a couple of cute bras & grabbed both 36 & 38C’s. Low and behold depending on designer & cut they both fit. Due to my side swelling some bra’s were far from cute, but mostly I felt “normal”, back to my old 20’s self!!

I snatched up 2 bras that were wireless & truly they looked better than the wired bras. Check them out, I paid $19 a piece, amazing!!!

Bali Wireless Bra's!! ‚ô•

Bali Wireless Bra’s!! ‚ô•

Closeup so you can see tags incase you want ti track these down. Great fit.

Closeup so you can see tags incase you want to track these down. Great fit.

The two wireless bra’s were also on sale for $19 so even though I won’t wear them for a 3-5 months, couldn’t leave them behind ūüėČ




‚ô• the sunshine yellow Olga Bra

‚ô• the sunshine yellow Olga Bra


Tomorrow I will officially take the Bali bra for a spin. I have a wedding so it will be a long day, hoping it remains comfy & doesn’t aggravate my incisions. Thinking I better bring Tylenol & Percocet with me just to be safe.


Don’t forget to send me your emails for T-shirts. I need your size & mailing addresses. Remember you are emailing me at gotsmallboobies@yahoo.com

have a great weekend, rest up if you are in recovery mode. Get excited if you are heading in for your BR next week!

small boobies